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Top-Argument for yes
says yes, because It was time to stop the corrupted establishment. It will be better for the Americans and even for Canada. Example to finish building the pipeline. Limiting important the Chunk from China. Etc.
says yes, because Er ist nicht: my first choice,  jedoch das verlogene, diebische Clinton Paar wuerde Amerika ruinieren. Helmut has Las Vegas.
says yes, because he has the knowledge to turn the US around as a business man and not a community organizer.
Top-Argument for no
says no, because er ein rückgratloser Rüpel ist.
says no, because He is a thief, a lyer and has no political understanding. I think he is a danger for the entire world. I am rather convinced that we will live quite difficult, maybe dangerous 4 years under his comentment. Let us only hope there is a way to impeache him as soon as possible. 
says no, because er mit einer total orthodoxen, selbstgestrickten Wirtschaftpolitik die USA gefährlich schädigen kann. Und damit trifft das im Endeffekt auch den Rest der Welt!

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